Still got pain after a root canal a few months later. Or you may have a failed root canal that has failed after a few years. Dr Jim Sarji dicusses your options.

Root canals are two words in the English language that when put together do scare people. However for dentists it is a normal (sometimes tricky) procedure. If you have an infected tooth and need to save the tooth as you don’t want an extraction or an implant then a  root canal procedure will be the way to go, but if you have already had one and are still felling pain then there may be other issues at large. It could be one of the following:

  1. You may be creating excessive force on the bite and your bite may need adjusted.
  2. The tooth the root canal was performed on could be fractured due to too little structure.
  3. The root canal procedure that you have had done (especially if it is a while since it was done ) has completely failed and there may be infection under the teeth. You may need to get the tooth extracted or have a root canal retreatment done.

In all instances see your dentist or endodontist as soon as possible. Infection going into the jaw is a serious issue.


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