Always make sure the implants you are getting from your dentist are one of the top brands.

Jim Sarji, DDS of Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope in Brooklyn discusses why when receiving a dental implant you must always make sure it’s from one of the top known manufacturers of dental implants.

Here are some of the issues facing a potential patient today looking to get dental implants:

  1. Some dentists can place implants without actually having ever performed the surgery on a patient before.
  2. FDA approval is not required before a dental implant is marketed in the dental community. This is known as 510k clearance.
  3. Dentists are under no obligation to inform the patient as to the make,standard and safety of the dental implant being placed.
  4. New types of dental implants hit the market every year – many with false claims.


At our practice we use Zimmer but other good makes are

    • Nobel Biocare
    • Straumann
    • 3i (Implant Innovations)


always make sure you know what type of implant is being placed and make sure your dentist has received the proper training.


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